Épiphanie de paix / Peace Epiphany

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Oui à une Épiphanie de paix…

Vos commentaires SVP à professorat@ecologiehumaine.org ou www.ecologiehumaine.org . Merci.


Supporting a Peace Epiphany…

Please your comment: professorat@ecologiehumaine.org or www.ecologiehumaine.org . Thank you.

Hugues Cormier


  1. Hugues Cormier dit :

    English below.
    Merci Michel,
    Tu as bien raison qu’il serait intéressant que nos deux amis des EUA se rencontrent. Tu contribues vraiment à une écologie humaine APPLIQUÉE.
    True that Peter and Nates are together contributing to APPLIED human ecology.

  2. Peter Feinman dit :

    Hello Hughes (Hugues),

    So sweet to hear from you and glad you are bit nervous about our Bruins!!

    Well we have had a number of snow storms this winter and I have been out both downhill skiing and cross country skiing so the winter doesn’t seem that long. And then we get out new President in two weeks!!!

    And I have not forgotten about our baseball reunion!!.

    How is your meditation practice going?

    Your friend from the New England.


    Peter Feinmann, President
    Feinmann Inc.
    Lexington, MA 02421
    Fax 781-860-7800
    From: Hugues Cormier
    Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2009 22:23:27 -0500
    To: ‘Peter Feinmann’
    Subject: Bruins too strong

    Dear Peter,

    OK for the Red-Sox, the Patriots, the Celtics, etc. but what is it about this Bruins’ season of victories? It is not fair for the poor Canadiens who are celebrating their 100th season this year.
    Waiting for explanations,

    Ton ami de Montréal. (Your friend from Montréal).


  3. Michel Petit dit :

    Voici un article de mon ami Américain Nate Hagens pour ton ami Peter Feinmann.
    Un jour ,il faudrait organiser une rencontre entre nos 2 amigos.

  4. M dit :

    Cher Hugues,
    D et moi allons très bien.
    Nous avons pris une petite pause Cubaine.
    La vie dans ce pays procure de quoi réfléchir.
    Je t’en reparlerai.
    Bonne année 2009 pour H ,toi et ta fille E-M


  5. Tara dit :

    Hi Hugues,

    I hope this finds you and your family well. Wishing you peace, good health and ease of heart and mind in ’09.

    Many thanks,


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